Dear Pipistrel Pilots, Fans and Friends,

We are devastated by the loss of our friend and pilot Tjerk van Dijk in a tragic accident at Stadskanaal last Saturday. Tjerk was an enthusiastic and engaged person, who was active with the Stichting Hoogvliegers and was one of our first ambassadors of sustainable flying. During the Elfwegentocht this Summer he participated with Flight Level at various events to promote sustainable aviation.

Our hearts and minds are with Tjerk’s family especially his wife, his two daughters, the rest of the family and friends.

The iFly team

Statement Pipistrel:

Pipistrel was informed of an accident that occurred with an Alpha Electro in the Netherlands on 13th October 2018 mid-day. Based on the preliminary information gathered, the aircraft was on approach from a local flight and eyewitnesses report it has departed from controlled flight on downwind to base turn, spun, and consequently impacted a field near the airfield. Rescue personnel/people nearby arrived at the scene and were able to pull the unconscious pilot from the airframe, after which a fire started. Unfortunately the pilot passed away on the way to the hospital.

Pipistrel offered immediate and full support in investigation to the relevant authorities and has activated the Safety Review Board internally. We will continue to gather more information to discover the contributing factors to the accident and trigger any necessary airworthiness actions.

In this difficult time our hearts and thoughts go out to the unfortunate pilot’s loved ones.